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  Yard Tender® - 3.78 L Tank Capacity  


(Yard Tender 3.78 L Compression Parts List )


Designed for Safety, Simplicity & Strength

  • NEW heavy padded shoulded straps for improved comfort.

  • High-quality, durable sprayer has a working pressure of 42 PSI.

  • Features a 12" compression pump. Seals and O-rings are made of high-grade Viton® and Nytril that can stand up to strong chemicals.

  • Ideal for home and property owners, this sprayer can be used for herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, stains, sealers, diesel, and chlorine-based, oil-based, and solvent-based liquids.

  • Features a 16" brass wand with adjustable brass nozzle, 47" industrial hose, 4-1/2" funnel, lid carrying handle, and a plastic and metal pump handle.  

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