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  Boom X Tender    

Boomless Techology

The XT introduces boomless spray technology enabling spray to be targeted into places that conventional booms and other nozzles cannot reach. The XT delivers a uniform, even spray pattern over a distance of up to 20 feet. In addition, its unique stepped slot design reduces the number of fine droplets so that spray drift is a thing of the past.


Features and Benefits...

  • Ideal for applications where a conventional boom cannot be used due to man-made or natural obstacles e.g. electricity pylons, trees
  • Precision molded polyacetal tip and machined stainless steel body provides excellent durability
  • Available in seven sizes; all have male pipe threads
  • Maintains a spray swath of 16 to 20 feet over a pressure range of 30-60 psi
  • Can be used with simple manual and advanced automatic sprayer control systems
  • Large droplet-size reduces spray drift and promotes canopy penetration
  • Off-center, flat fan spray pattern of 110 degrees and over
  • Easy to install; low maintenance. Right of Way nozzles available in selected sizes

Applications ...

  • Orchard and Vineyard Spraying
  • Forestry, Weed and Pest Control
  • Rangeland and Pasture Spraying
  • Fence Row Spraying
  • Broadcast Spraying of Suspension Fertilizers
  • Turf and Golf Spraying
  • Spraying around and over obstacles
  • Noxious Weed Control
  • Application of De-icing Chemicals

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